For the modern quilter

Whipstitch offers cute quilting rulers and cheeky stickers for people who might cuss a little when they seam rip

I'm Caitlin Bentley

I believe that quilts are love, making things can be a radical act, and that the tools we use should be as beautiful and fun as we are.

Quilts are love.

Quilting found me when I was in a difficult place. I had just had a baby, been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and was burning out in my career as an animal shelter veterinarian. So much felt out of my control and I was constantly scrambling, but still felt that I was letting someone down. Then a friend signed us up to learn how to make a log cabin quilt block - and I was hooked. Every time I sat down at my machine I could learn something new and have a little win. When everything in my life felt impossible, quilting opened a creative world full of possibilities for me to explore. And the best part? When I finished a quilt, I could wrap it aroud someone I loved.

I started posting my quilts on Instagram and soon met some of my closest friends. If you quilt, you probably know - quilty people are some of the best people. Eventually I got an idea - quilters are SO cool, smart, funny, and creative. Why aren't their tools just as fabulous as they are?